What in the world is going on in Clarksville, Indiana?

“What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here?!”  That’s a quote from the comically corrupt Deputy Taggart in the movie Blazing Saddles.  It’s also the response that I (and several hundred of my closest friends) had last night at the end of the Clarksville Town Council meeting to discuss Theatair X.

After 45 minutes of old business, ROCK President Bryan Wickens was finally allowed to speak.  While the council, the spectators, and crews from 3 local TV news stations looked on, Wickens painstakingly told the story of how ROCK had repeatedly attempted to partner with the council to ensure enforcement of a constitutionally sound ordinance they had themselves drafted in 2005.  The ordinance, if enforced, would put an end to the following violations alleged to be taking place inside Theatair X:

·         Prostitution by peep-show dancers

·         So-called “glory holes” drilled in peep-show booth dividers to facilitate anonymous sex

·         Drug use by patrons

·         Multiple, anonymous sexual activity in both large-screen theaters

·         Health code violations and unsanitary conditions

·         Zoning violations related to the floor plan and hours of operation

Wickens was articulate and soft-spoken.  Although there was no avoiding mention of the mystifying lack of cooperation and communication from the council thus far, Wickens was far from confrontational.  He repeatedly thanked the council for the opportunity to start a dialogue and stated his hope that eventually ROCK and the citizens of Clarksville would be able to thank them for their leadership in reigning in Theatair X’s rampant illegal activity.

And then came the Blazing Saddles portion of the evening.

I’d like to tell you what the council members thought about Wickens’ presentation but I can’t.  They didn’t speak.  In fact, the only person who spoke to Wickens was the council’s lawyer, who essentially said, “Thanks for coming out.  Good night.  Meeting over.”  To be fair, there was a LITTLE more to it – but not much.  Wickens tried several times in vain to obtain some kind of assurance that the council plans on taking steps to address the problem of Theatair X.  He – and we – got nothing beyond, “We are looking into it, and that’s really all we can discuss right now.”

Really?  After more than 3 years of constant appeals, outreach, and intelligence gathering?  After 2 years of attempting to partner directly with the council by ROCK?  After being presented with over 6,000 signatures from concerned residents?  After a meeting so packed with people that many had to wait in the hallway of the Town Administrative Building?  After all of that, the lawyer guy is the only one who speaks, and his only comment is essentially “No comment”?  Which is the same answer council members gave to a reporter after the meeting was over?

Kentuckiana residents need to know now, more than ever: Who is running Clarksville, Indiana?  Why can’t residents get straight answers from their elected officials? 

What in the world is going on here?


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  1. 1 Eric Veal
    April 21, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    I’m baffled by the town council members. I can’t imagine that behind closed doors they are laughing this off, but are really considering and weighing what their options are. Could the budget actually be the reason: to much work, time and money to enforce; to much to fight the legal battles if (and when) their is a suit filed.

    If these are the reasons, then what you have is spineless officials who can’t see the forest through the trees. They aren’t “big picture” people. Of course, this is not much different than the government officiating going on in Washington,DC. They can’t see the bigger picture either. The problem is with NOT seeing a greater cause, a greater standard, a greater goal, a greater GOD.

    I’m glad ROCK and it’s supporters are BIG PICTURE PEOPLE!!!

  2. 2 Steve
    April 21, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    I was one of the many stuck in the overflow area outside of the hearing room. Everyone there was courteous and interested in what we all hoped would be genuion dialog. Instead, we got “No Comment!” The only way to change this is to vote these people out. The citizens of Clarksville deserve better.

  3. 3 Ray W...
    April 21, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    I’m far from baffled. I’m down right mad. I don’t know what is more contemptuous in the council’s behavior, their cold silence or their arrogance in that they are above answering the call of their elected post. I believe that silence is the voice of complicity. And time will NOT erase the memory of such appalling actions.
    My family and I grow more and more cynical of government with every conversation that is generated by this kind of abuse of power. If someone has a better word than “abuse”, please let me know.
    And for anyone who thinks that this is a crusade by religions alone, you’re wrong. I’m an atheist and I applaud ROCK and anyone else for their work on this and stand with them. This has nothing to do with what belief I hold or don’t hold about the universe. It is about right and wrong behavior. And I’ve done enough wrong in my life to know it when I see it.
    “Man Up” Clarksville Town Council. Do right by those that you’re supposed to be representing.


  4. 4 Mike
    April 21, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    I hope everyone brushed the dust off their feet as they left. I feel they haven’t heard the last of ROCK, nor the voters. We need more Bible believing Christians to run for and win these offices.

  5. 5 Shawn
    April 21, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    It is real simple… Vote in new leaders. When is the next election and how can I contribute?

  6. 6 Bill & Sharon
    April 21, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Brian did an excellent job of presenting the facts to the Clarksville Town Council He was very professional, however, we could not say that about some of the Council members. As Brian was mentioning some of the lewd disgusting acts that are occurring at Theatre X, some Council members showed their disinterest by rolling their eyes, whispering and smirking. When officials refuse to enforce the law and refuse the help from either the State or organizations such as ROCK, it suggests that someone may be profiting from the presence of Theatre X or there is a lack of backbone to right the situation. Thank you, Brian, for spearheading the effort to rid our community of a such a dispicable business.

  7. April 22, 2009 at 12:42 am

    I am more than proud to state that I was present in the meeting hall Tuesday night. I was so eager to show up that my wife and I arrived nearly 30-40 minutes early.

    I have lived or worked in Clarksville for 30 of my 31 years of life and sadly the lack of interest shown by the Town Council is not at all shocking. Government officials in Clarksville have been labeled empty suites for a long time now and their stripes were the same color on Tuesday. I really don’t even comprehend why the Town Council’s opinion matters anyway? The laws are on the books. Clarksville has police. There is suspicion (proof) of prostitition. The police know it now. Walk in and start arresting. Done. I almost wish that someone would enter the establishment on their own and wait to be approached by an employee selling their “services”, then immediately call 911 and let them know what they just witnessed or how they were just propositioned. I would like to know the response of law enforcement? Sadly they have been put in a tough position by their own government officials. Do we enforce or not?

    By not saying a “word”…not even, “Although we cannot directly comment on this issue, we want to assure the residents of Clarksville we are dedicated to…blah, blah, blah” (you know the regular politician stuff) – they have left open to the public interpretation “why” they are protecting this establishment in the first place? What do they have to gain? When you do that, people’s minds run wild and they stand the risk of their reputations being damaged permanently by what could be rumors gone astray, even if they are innocent. You would think they would be smart enough to…nah, who am I kidding. Let’s keep up the good fight. ROCK on!

  8. 8 Tom Evans
    April 22, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Why don’t you give due process a chance to work? If legally they cannot comment, then they cannot comment.

  9. 9 rocknthetruth
    April 22, 2009 at 1:28 am


    My heart goes out to you. I read a profoundly broken worldview and some extreme moral and theological confusion in your writing. I pray you have a change of heart, and I hope for your sake that my suspicion that you are a loyal Theatair X patron (employee?) is off the mark.

  10. 10 Ryan White
    April 22, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Here’s truth for you. God says that these things are to come and they will pass. Ask anyone who studies eschatology. These times are going to worsen. Fear you that God will come? I look forward to eternal salvation through a precious Savior who died on the cross for my sins. Why worry with the ways of the sinners of today? Bringing children up in this era is almost as sinful as any other sin committed because you are now exposing them to the signs that Luke spoke of in the end days. Fear God…that goes for everyone, including me.

    No, I have no confusion and no I’m not an employee or former employee. If you don’t believe Jesus died on the Cross for your sins, my sins, and everyone’s sins, then you need to go back to Seminary. The Baptist church and anyone in it turn my stomach such that I turn from them due to their judgments cast upon others. I pray for worldwide peace and this war does NOT harbor any kind of peace. Perhaps you’re not “Baptist” by name, however, you are Baptist by theological study, or as some of us like to refer to you all as even communist. You close one business because you don’t like it, then what’s going to stop you from closing stores that sell clothing that’s inappropriate by your standards in time?

    Let’s look back in the news for a minute at the soldiers who have fought for Freedom and the church of Reverend Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church whose members decimated that poor soldier who died..why don’t you google it and see what became of that church in its $11 million dollar judgment by the court? What is wrong with you people who are teaching this type of behavior? I can’t say that you were that church, but it’s PRECISELY what you are doing in a different way! Controlling a nation is not what our founding Fathers had in mind.

    I am angry that a mega church would be just like a mega chain store who closes all small business (as much as they can!). I’m ashamed to drive by your church of electronics, so big, there isn’t even a real pastor at the Indiana campus. I support any church that accepts ALL sinners for their wrongdoings, and fortunately, there are plenty of us who feel the way I do.

    I will continue to pray that God guides all interested parties to HIS ultimate answer in all of this mess. The sad truth is, God said all these things are to happen and then pass because then His time will come, and the world is messier everyday that I live in an exponential tangent that I can’t even describe.

  11. 11 Mike
    April 22, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Let’s not respond to Ryan any more. He obviously has a warped view of what truth is and he does not fully comprehend the context nor the nature of the scripture that he tries to quote. We, as Christians, have a moral obligation to correct wrongs as we see them. Not idly sit by and refuse to “judge” someone for what they do. That my friends plays right in to satans hand.

    That said, I would like to know who the council is protecting. None of them said a word. Only the lawyer did. Which is fine, he’s doing his job. Is what we saw the other night a picture of the leadership that is present in our local government? The clarksville mafia at it’s best. How sad. Just a microcosm of what is going in in washington as well.

    Where have all the real men gone? Someone please stand up for something and do their job. Will someone please lead? Someone other than the lawyer that is.

  12. 12 Eric Veal
    April 22, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Hey Ryan,
    Can I take you to lunch? My treat of course. You name the place (anywhere you want just to show you not all of us are cheap) and only I will meet you there. I promise I will just listen and not judge you.

  13. 13 ClarksvilleResident
    April 24, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    I think the council’s refusal to make ANY comment on the matter, and the fact that they had a LAWYER do the speaking for them means that maybe their hands are tied.

    I think ROCK may want to find out WHO owns TheatAirX.
    Follow the money…

  14. 14 Concerned
    April 25, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    I would like all of the council members and their families investigated to see if any of them are directly benefiting from the opration of Theatair X. I would also like to see if any of these people are spending money beyond their means, i.e. receiving money from the illegal activities. The only obvious reason that they are failing to proceed is that they have an interest in allowing this to continue.

  15. 15 Eric Veal
    April 28, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    If you don’t want to respond via this venue, e-mail me at drveal3@bellsouth.net
    I’d like to meet with you sometime.

  16. May 10, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I’m baffled by the Christians. The way I was raised, you don’t move into a new home and then start fighting your neighbors. Not neighborly. I can understand an honest difference of opinion regarding the nature of Theatair-X vis-a-vis the Church, but Theatair-X was well established in its’ present location when the Church surveyed the neighborhood, bought the land and started building. What I don’t understand is the hypocrisy and lies of the Church members in attempting to persuade the City Council to do their bidding. Prostitution? A tired refrain, leveled at Theatair-X every time someone or some group attempt another morals crusade. Glory holes can be found in a number of places around town. Will the Church next crusade against any glory hole they find, wherever they find it when they go looking? Drug use by patrons? Oh this is a big one… the Church could more easily start this crusade right across the street in the White Castle parking lot or at Thornton’s. Hell – they could probably go car-to-car at the red lights in their attempt to wipe out drugs. Sexual activity in the theaters? This might be the one valid issue of all their smear complaints, but the Church should also cruise random parks and dark corners late at night if they truly want to wipe out sex. Health code & sanitation violations? The Health Department doesn’t seem to think so when they inspect. Zoning violations? This is one of those “kitchen-sink” complaints you hurl when you haven’t got much else. All in all, I think the Christians should worry more about their church than their neighbors.

  17. 17 Brian H.
    May 13, 2009 at 3:43 am

    I think everyone should leave Ryan well enough alone… and anything else you appose of. The constitution still allows for a separation of church and state. The “ROCK” group of people are actually violating the constitution by trying to manipulate the town council. No hate mail please, I don’t actually agree with this business’ practices, or what they do; but I have serious issues with any church over extending it’s bounds.

  18. 18 Ryan White
    May 16, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    What you folks are doing to Theatair X is down right despicable (look that one up!). That place has been there nearly 50 years, it’s a part of the culture of this area now. The guy who was on television, he was JUST at Theatair X two weeks ago, went into the back, and engaged in oral sex while he was there! The same goes for your ex FBI agent whose face is visible in the town council’s streaming video (so sorry for that anonymity thing that I’m sure has been promised to him)! Sure, he may have done “work” for Rock, but I think you folks need to know, he’s been there before more than the 5 times he was hired for!

    What’s up with the e-mail I got about wanting more money from ROCK? You’re NO different from that or any other business. If I had $100 million, this little fight between ROCK and Theatair X would be over yesterday! You people better wake up! Sin is sin and NONE, no, NOT ONE, are worthy of the kingdom of heaven except by HIS grace. The prostitution that you say has went on there, is not so. If drugs are being “pushed” it’s from patrons (something one could do as has been in news media so much, at Taco Bell or Papa John or the like). The people who I am sure have been interpreted as being “for sale” are hustlers and prostitutes that come in with their “john.” They aren’t employed by that business. Sometimes they are married folks. Are any places like this to be solely for men? Isn’t that discrimination?
    These same things could occur in any business and as the Bible says it, it will sooner or later (I speak of end time prophecy).

    The codes needed to be upgraded and laws enforced and I can see that it’s already in compliance, but do you really want all the gay men back out in the parks exposing themselves to yours and my children? Believe me, with the onset of summer, it’s going to happen and now that Theatair X is complying, it’s going to be real bad anywhere you go.

    Why not find a compromise to make all happy? I think the name of the place is a little over the top and that the red flashing lights could be diminished and it become similar to other stores like it that are under much more discretion but don’t say it’s THEIR fault that lives are destroyed for whatever reasons. People make their own choices when they go into a place like that, if what I say weren’t so, there would have been many more police calls to Theatair X for illicit activity.

    Everyone knows what ROCK really wants. Everyone to think JUST like them. No crime would mean no reason for police and you folks need to know, it will never happen in this flawed, imperfect world wheather it’s behind the walls of Theatair X or the walls of a church building (incidently, the place where many young men have been raped, molested, or what have you).

    You women need to know, your men will never be faithful if they are ever unfaithful even once. Sin of the mind is just as consequential as the actual physical sin of the flesh. I have spoken my peace and I will be observing as you continue to press on in your terribly disgusting exposing of that business in which now the mouths and tongues of thousands of babes have been now exposed to thanks to the publicity of wave3.

  19. 19 rocknthetruth
    May 18, 2009 at 1:47 am


    Sorry for the delayed response; I’ve been out of town since the 10th, just returned today.

    “The Christians” to whom you refer are being extremely neighborly to the families who share their community and who want to raise their children to know that no one is above the law.

    Have you seen the Wave 3 investigative reporting on TX? Their findings back up every allegation made by ROCK and many citizens who have complained for years. This isn’t a “moral crusade”, Jay. This is a case in which certain people have decided that they are above the law and can promote illegal activity and flout established ordinances because they’re used to bullying communities into submission. In fact, TX has apparently done just that to Clarksville for years. Enough people have finally said, Enough.

    I’m curious about your reaction to the Wave 3 reports. I detect some pretty intense hostility towards Christians in your writing, and I wonder whether you’re letting that bias cloud your assessment of what is essentially a legal matter with moral implications – not a crusade.

  20. 20 rocknthetruth
    May 18, 2009 at 1:53 am

    If you don’t agree with TX and what it does, then what do you think should be done about it, and by whom? The whole point of ROCK becoming involved is that for reasons that only now are becoming more clear, the “usual suspects”, if you will – elected officials, law enforcement, etc. – have been unable and/or unwilling to simply enforce the laws on the books regarding TX, and only TX.

    And, can you cite the exact article and paragraph in the constitution which contains the phrase “separation of church and state”?

  21. 21 Mike W
    May 18, 2009 at 2:49 am

    Kudos to WAVE 3! I’ve been told we haven’t seen the last from WAVE. They are appearently under lots of pressure not to go forward. If you haven’t already please all and/or email the station management and Carrie Weil and encourage them to keep up their support of families.

  22. 22 Brian H.
    May 18, 2009 at 5:45 am

    Groups such as the ROCK are a group of people that hide behind the bible and try to destroy all that they appose, by any means necessary. They use “religion” to blame their action of eliminating all that is not fit in the eyes of the ROCK.

    Wait a minute… I know another group that has the same belief system… they blew up the twin towers, and kill our service men and women every day…

    Not to compare the two in that harsh of light… but for a God fearing group of people… consider the “Holy er than thou” image that you portray to the rest of the world.

    For each member of the ROCK that wants to see TX go away… there are five that run there on Sunday right after church lets out.

  23. 23 rocknthetruth
    May 18, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    Did you not read my reply to your previous post, right above Mike W’s post? They are pretty straight-forward questions. Take a crack at them if you would; I’d really like to hash this out with you.

  24. 24 Ryan White
    May 26, 2009 at 10:53 am

    I’ve decided ROCK is a hate group. The same psychopathic behavior demonstrated by those who claim to love are in fact probably the ones who are going to start killing in the name of God and Jesus. Do you people not see what you are doing? This is WRONG. Wrong as it is for me to wish your eternal damnation since I’m not the creator! Only HE can make the final verdict. Do you want the gays in the parks, malls, grocery stores around your children? What happens when everyone takes the MOB? How are you going to stop THAT? Perhaps you’re the same people influencing the MOB that theology and eschatology experts claim will happen in end times. In fact, the other day, I saw a pay pass credit card machine which uses RFID technology! These things are to happen, including Theatair X. Why are you trying so hard to stop it all? If you are Christian as you profess, you will stop and just wait for the end to come as it draws near! What you SHOULD focus on is saving lives, not community ego!

    God has ordained these words to you, ROCK, through me, as a vessel, for this mess you *think* you’re going to win vicariously through a boy who died of HIV many years ago, a young child. If you want to make a difference, stop war, stop AIDS, and for HIS sake, STOP FIGHTING over what you think is right and wrong! Christianity in ALL venues teaches to turn the other cheek AND if your eyes are on HIM (Jesus), then your head and eyes are like a sparrow, a bird which must turn its head to look in other directions, and should remain focused on the path to Almighty God and not on Theatair X whom you are giving great amounts of negative publicity to, something my children don’t need to watch!

    Last thing, if you really want to make a difference, preach the Gospel! Not the right or wrong of homosexuality, which as we all know is the true underlying reason this matters to anyone involved with ROCK at all.

  25. 25 Ryan White
    June 14, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Once again, I see you all have posted a video commercial with Bryan in it! Aren’t you beginning to see he is financially motivated by his efforts? You really need to have a different war going on: hunger, homelessness, drugs on the streets and in the schools, efforts to find cures for diseases that are incurable. I can’t believe you spend your money on Bryan Wickens effort to fight (the real truth) homosexuality! Open your eyes before you have a constitutional embarrassment of yourselves!

  26. 26 bill womack
    June 14, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    You should take Eric up on his invitation, and meet with him. Maybe he can help you understand where ROCK is really coming from.

    Or, you could write me at bill.womack@insightbb.com.


  27. 27 Anonymous Clarksville Resident.
    July 14, 2009 at 12:51 am

    Yeah, I stumbled upon this trying to see if anyone had any complaints about our local police department because, after my parent’s house has been broken into three times in the past two years and there is a young man who recently got out of county for breaking and entering…next door… the police refuse to look into it any further. But, sorry about that, I am pretty sure the reason that Theatair X is so hard to budge is because they are rumored to be owned by the “mafia”. My grandpa (who has lived in clarksville since 1947) says that he even suspects some of the council themselves to be mafia members…dunno…sounds weird to me, but seeing as we have so much trouble getting that God forsaken place out of our town, I wouldn’t doubt it.

  28. 28 Gary flowers
    September 22, 2009 at 3:18 am


  29. 29 rocknthetruth
    September 22, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    The term “witch hunt” usually implies an unfair persecution of an innocent person/organization. I have a few questions for you:

    Do you truly think Theatair X is innocent in any way, shape, or form?

    Have you seen the mountain of evidence provided by ROCK and Wave 3 News?

    Have you been privy to tax statements showing this windfall of revenue you say TX has provided the city of Clarksville?

    Are you suggesting that those ‘crazy teenagers’ as you call them, take a field trip to TX to verify with their own eyes what ROCK and Wave 3 News–neither of them “church” organizations–have already thoroughly investigated? Do you understand how ludicrous that line of thought sounds when spelled out in black and white?

    Do you also understand how odd it sounds for you to direct your moral outrage at concerned citizens instead of at a porn shop that continues to spit in the face of local law enforcement and elected officials, even as every other legitimate business in town is forced to comply with the ordinance that TX laughs at?

    Help me understand, Gary. I’m really confused. Because from where I sit, you sound like someone who is under the spell of one powerful witch.

  30. 30 Frank
    January 1, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    I was told that Theater X has resisted selling out to a developer and this same developer donated the land for Southeast Christian’s new church in the hope of getting this controversy going. Give it enough time and Theater X will be gone, the land has become very valuable. Anyone know if the land for Southeast was donated and by whom?

    If this is true, the Christian fascists are proving to be pawns as usual. Just like they’ve been pawns of conservative politics and their silly culture war for years while the economic policies of ‘conservatism’ have wrecked the country. Meanwhile, abortion is still legal and gay rights are moving along at a steady pace, and the separation of church and state is still intact. Hate to tell you, but the War on Christmas and Christianity is a myth.

    Follow the money and remember the Golden Rule folks, nobody is trying to shut down the perversion of Southeast Christian for hating the Constitution and all that it stands for. For the abuse of gay and lesbian teens, brainwashing them into believing they’re the scum of the earth. If you don’t like Theater X, don’t go to Theater X. Try to care about the poor and the disadvantaged and not about adults shopping for toys and porn movies. A real conservative would be fighting for the legalization of prostitution, some Libertarian common sense.

  31. 31 AnotherClarksvilleResident
    January 6, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Just like ‘ClarksvilleResident’ said… we need to follow the money.

    WHO owns TheatAirX?

    Maybe the owner has some.. dirt.. on one or more council members/etc..

  32. 32 Ryan White
    January 6, 2010 at 8:47 am

    You people just need to end this discussion. Who cares who owns it? Why does it matter? Who cares what the council did/does? WHO CARES? Every adult store in the area is STILL open and ROCK did NOT close them. This is Bryan Wickens agenda to keep himself employed, PERIOD. Have you ROCK folks hunted out who owns wordpress? Maybe just MAYBE the biggest porn person in the world! WHO CARES? Things change due to economics, not because of what ROCK thinks this area needs or wants. Stand for what you believe but STOP making everyone else around you suffer. Like the guy said, if you don’t like Theater X don’t go there. I think in the case of the People Vs. Larry Flynt, the supreme court ruled in favor of freedom of speech. Don’t mess with the Constitution and/or the Amendments to it. This land was made for you AND me.

    Ryan White
    (educate yourself about who Ryan White was if you don’t already know)

  33. 33 rachelloy
    February 10, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Mr. Flowers,
    ROCK volunteers that have participated in our grassroots movement in Clarksville are at least 18-years-old or older. I can assure you that ROCK is acting on information that has been obtained by our professional investigators. No church has been involved in collecting information.

    We appreciate and applaud the work of churches and other organizations that minister to the poor, the sick, and the hungry. Our work is specific to raising decency and also addressing the harmful impact of sex businesses and pornogrpahy that comes to communities, families and children. We have seen and heard story after story from men and women alike whose lives have been destroyed by pornography.

  34. 34 Tom
    May 11, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    I am visiting the area from Chicago. While here, my wife and I will enjoy some gambling and a fun time at TX. We will be spending some liberal northern dollars while we are down here. I hope that we will enjoy our trip to TX. I am sure that we will as we are both bi sexual and this place seems to have something for everyone (based on your preceeding posts).

    I have got to say that you religious folks are pretty funny. You are getting all worked up about sex…really dont you people have something better to do. We beat you religious conservatives up north on this issue: judging by the posts you right wingers are fighting a rear guard action down here also.

    Look here is the bottom line. If you look at all of the issues that religious conservatives have promoted, you will notice a common thread. Specifically that they eventually loose every issue they promote. This is the nature of conservatism. You want things to remain as they always have while progressives (as the name implies) are constantly pushing to evolve (oops better watch my use of the word evolution down here). We, as a nation, are constanly evolving and advancing and you, as religious conservatives, kick and scream.

    Even you religious right wingers should be happy that your “conservative principles” are under constant assail and that you continue to lose ground. Would any of us like to live in a society that the church has made all of the rules for? Would you like to forgo access to birth control, divorce, womens sufferage, civil rights, alcohol, etc , etc, etc.? Lets not forget, given their choice, the church has always attacked those whos beliefs arent lockstep with the churchs (insert gravity, flat earth, evolution, etc).

    Well I hope that you continue your debate. Because every dime and minute of effort that you sink into this issue is less time (and money) for you to spend on other conservative causes. I personally expect to be visiting here for years to come and enjoying some interaction with fellow humans at TX.

    Peace out

  35. 35 rocknthetruth
    May 11, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for the comments. Fortunately, few if any of the concerned citizens in Clarksville—you know, the ones who have to put up with the myriad of negative side effects created by TX—cast this issue in simplistic terms of “liberal vs. conservative.” Democrats and Republicans alike simply want to know why a single business that is promoting demonstrably illegal activity is allowed to break the same laws that other local businesses must obey.
    As for the “you religious people” tag: guilty as charged here. I believe in the Bible and I’m profoundly grateful that most of our Founders did too. If you did some homework, though, you’d see that ROCK and the citizens of Clarksville have made quite an effective case for the enforcement of their established, constitutionally-sound ordinance without thumping a single Bible and without preaching from a single street corner.
    The thing is, making TX obey the rules is just plain fair; a concept any liberal ought to appreciate. The fact that a regulated, restrained TX would also improve property values, decrease a multitude of associated crimes, and make Clarksville exponentially more family and business-friendly is simply a bonus to this conservative Christian.

  36. 36 Tom
    May 12, 2010 at 12:11 am

    I am certain that there are a host of underlying issues which are “specific” to this situation. However, as previously stated, I am an out-of-towner and my only sources of information specific to this case is this website and an article written by Mr. Birke. ( http://www.southeastchristian.org/_libraryfiles/outlook/TheatairX.pdf )

    You make the claim that your case has been made, “without thumping a single Bible and without preaching from a single street corner”. This is probably true. You seem intelligent and I doubt that you would make a legal push based solely on moral merit, as this would be quickly dismissed due to constitutionality issues. However, can you honestly state the following quotes come from people who are not motivated via religion?

    “The problem is with NOT seeing a greater cause, a greater standard, a greater goal, a greater GOD. ”

    “We need more Bible believing Christians to run for and win these offices.”

    “We, as Christians, have a moral obligation to correct wrongs as we see them.”

    These are comments from this blog from your supporters.

    Factually speaking, I have visited (and participated) at many bookstores, swingers clubs, and sex parties. You make a series of “legal” claims against Theater X. I was amused as it is evident these claims were made by someone who has never frequented any type of adult club/bookstore. Let me state this plainly, I have been to many different clubs and have NEVER witnessed prostitution.

    You claim that you want the business to operate by the same rules as other business’. Of course you do. However, do all businesses operate on the same rules? Absolutely not. Does an airline, a home daycare center, and a nuclear power plant all run under the same rules? Of course not.

    Bottom line. These are your conservative religious right wing views of the world that you are trying to force down everyone else’s throats. It is evident that the United States is rebelling against voluntary religion (declining church attendance), therefore your only option is to instill your values via the courts since you are no longer in the majority. It is cool, I understand these dynamics and you do too.

  37. 37 bill womack
    May 12, 2010 at 1:53 am

    It’s well established that “religious people” support the enforcement of the Clarksville ordinance. You have also established that your deep bias against us impairs your ability to look at the TX issue objectively.

    Here’s a real bottom line for you. Most adults view the TX issue closer to my way of thinking than yours. While they might not be quite as “religious” (whatever that means) as me, very few of them are going to brag about their tandem bisexual marriage or planning a fun getaway to a regional porn palace/petri dish like TX. Don’t misunderstand; It’s none of my business what motivates you to enjoy your belief system and lifestyle. But you can’t honestly claim to represent mainstream attitudes on sex and relationships with a straight face.

    You also seem like a smart guy, Tom. Google “WAVE 3 investigates Theater X” for more non-religious coverage of TX. The place is so obviously rotten from floor to ceiling. I really think if you examine the issue dispassionately you’ll have a hard time defending the argument that any establishment–even one that hits your sweet spot–should get to thumb its nose at the law.

  38. 38 Tom
    May 12, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Bill unlike others on this blog I will address all of your points.

    “your deep bias against us impairs your ability to look at the TX issue objectively”

    It is not I who is trying to legislate morals. You have a preconceived notion (and judgement) about all adult bookstores, shows, and clubs. However, you lack any type of knowledge of that which you condemn. This sir, impairs your ability to view the matter objectively. I, on the otherhand, attended religious schools until 8th grade and attended church reqularly until completing high school. Therefore, my “perceived bias” against you is actually connected to my intimate knowledge of religion and religious people and should hardly be considered a bias. Let’s instead refer to it as my insight into your kind of people.

    “But you can’t honestly claim to represent mainstream attitudes on sex and relationships”

    I do not, nor do I claim to be. What I do represent is the mainsteam attitudes about freedom of association, freedom of sex and freedom to seek out pleasurable adult activities. Generally speaking, I am allowed to seek out these activities as long as I am not hurting anyone else (this is the general basis of law). You are on the opposite sides of these issues. Furthermore, the vast majority of the people I hang around with share my attitudes on sex and relationships. Are they the “mainstream”? Probably not down here, but they are where I come from. We don’t allow religion to write policy where I come from.

    ” Google “WAVE 3 investigates Theater X” for more non-religious coverage of TX”

    I took you advice and discovered that there may be a conflict of interest down at the station. I fully comprehend how these issues work in the bible belt. After a mere day and a half of reading about Theater X I have found numerous accusations (which seem to lack any evidence) by a religious group. The group complains about certain violations of city code. But lets face it, the majority of people who are backing this thing really wont be happy until all porn is gone. And if they were able to somehow make that happen they would probably then turn their efforts to regulating something else in my life.

    Peace Out

  39. 39 bill womack
    May 12, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Facts are obstinate things.

    Theater X is operating in clear violation of several aspects of a constitutionally sound ordinance in Clarksville. That is a fact.

    WAVE 3 news has independently verified health code and zoning violations at TX, all of which was captured on film—otherwise known as evidence. That is a fact.

    Every other business in Clarksville must be in compliance with the same ordinance as TX, or face fines or other penalties. Fact.

    The disgusting conditions and the double standard of enforcement at TX hurts people by promoting an unsafe, unhealthy environment and re-enforcing the perception that only the porn shop gets to make its own rules. That is a fact.

    That you enjoy porn shops is your opinion; that I dislike them is my opinion. Neither of those opinions change the facts listed above.

    You think city ordinances like Clarksville’s—or like Louisville’s, which was just upheld by the Kentucky Supreme Court—infringe on your right to “seek out pleasurable adult activities.” I think they exist to protect women, children, and families, and to help raise standards of decency. Now you are going to immediately argue about the subjectivity of such standards and I will concede that they are not carved in stone. Yet I still maintain that communities as a whole are going to see this issue closer to how I see it than how you see it.

    We can argue all day long about bias and motives, but the facts about TX remain unchanged. And here’s one more fact: ROCK and concerned citizens are going to continue asking why that place gets a pass until something is done about it.

  40. 40 Mike
    May 12, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    You mentioned that your bias is based on your “intimate knowledge” of relegion. Religion is a very broad term in the world’s eyes but it is narrowly defined in the Bible. James 1:27 says Religion that God accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being poluted by the world.

    Does the religion you have intimate knowledge of teach that? If not you don’t have the truth and the truth WILL set you free.

  41. 41 Peter
    May 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    What’s going on with the appeal? I get tidbits from you guys all the time and dead story after dead story. Is the city of Clarksville making any progress with its appeal? I really think if you guys wanted to find a way to get TX shut down, you could find ways without waiting for the supreme courts overturning another judge’s ruling. I’ve been there and it is insidiously disgusting.

  42. 42 rachelloy
    June 3, 2010 at 2:26 am

    As far as I know, the appeal is still pending. Please contact the Clarksville Town Council at 283-1504 for more information on their appeal. ROCK’s goal is not to shut down any business, but to ask that appropriate ordinances be put in place to protect families and communities from the harmful impact of the sex industry. And when those ordinances are passed, then we stand with those families and the community to ask for enforcement. The fix is a simple one – we have asked the town council to withdraw their appeal and to immediately pass a new ordinance, following the proper procedure as outlined by the town’s statue.

  43. 43 Carole Pearce
    January 15, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Dear Ryan and others,

    It ‘does’ matter whom owns Theatair X. It’s the ‘Clarksville’ chief of police himself, Mr. Ingle, and that truth, I promise you, will come out, it’s already all over Clarksville, and the news media has been contacted with this info. I moved away from Clarksville and not a minute too soon. Never will I move back or spend my money in that town nor step foot in their town. It’s absoluely a disgrace that the police department themselve who are sworn to uphold the law, are above the law themselves. It doesn’t matter what property they own, except them they themselves are not in compliance with the law. It doesn’t matter which law they are above, it just matters that they are the ‘leaders’ of the law for that town and aren’t setting a good example for our future generations. Again I moved our future generation out of that town and I think that speaks loud enough for itself. I expect better from my public service leaders and so should everytown and city. Shame on anyone for being so lazy not to hold their ‘leaders’ accountable also.

  44. 44 jim johnson
    February 10, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    Dear ROCK, so when did u guys buy the city of clarksville? didnt anyone tell u the ppls did not go with the sale? u should read ur deed. When Lou. sent u over there to “establish a new minestry to duplicate Lou” didnt anyone tell u about the u. s. constitution, or did u think u could just over rule that also?

    and, for gods sake, when u saw the area, the businesses u so didnt want there, why on earth would you build a church there? is the rest of the county, indeed even the state of IN. so crowded, u had no choice? think we are now seeing the answer to that one.

    look, u cannot force everyone to worship ur way, in ur church, and, MOST INPORTANTLY, “GIVE $$$ TO UR CHURCH EVERY WEEK. some have different ways, different views than u, RESPECT THEM AS U WANT RESPECT – OH, WAIT, U WANT CONTROL OVER THE LAND, THE PEOPLE, THEIR BELIEFS, EVERYTHING! SRRY, U JUST AINT GONNA GET IT! u gotta earn respect, u cant buy it with disrespect…srry about ur luck, move on, leave this peaceful city alone.

  45. 45 Bill W.
    February 11, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Could you tell me specifically which part(s) of the constitution ROCK is violating? The only violations I see are coming from Theatair X. ROCK respects everyone, although I’m not sure what that has to do with worship or church.
    If you are truly concerned about disrespect and “control over the land, etc.,” you should really be angry at the CTC and local law (non)enforcement. What is so free and right about one business being above the laws that everyone else is subject to?

    It seems to me your anger is misdirected. The CTC is thumbing its nose at the entire city of Clarksville by giving its single Golden Ticket to an “establishment” that would make Howard Stern want to put on a haz-mat suit.

    Thousands of Clarksville citizens who have showed up at meetings and signed petitions and called the CTC agree with me; this city will not be peaceful until TX is made to obey the law.


  46. 46 Mike W
    February 11, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Hopefully there will be some new peopple running for the Counsil seats in the next election. The counsil members have truly embarrased themselves with their profound aloofness regarding TX. One could reasonably deduct that there is much more to this story than anyone has published such as what Carole wrote about. If not that there is obviously something that willl rise to the top in due time. Hopefully that time is with the next election.

    Clarksville needs family loving men and women to run for these offices AND be involved in the process!! WHO WILL RUN THE RACE FOR FAMILIES?

  47. 47 rocknthetruth
    February 11, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    You are dead on. In fact, if you are a Clarksville resident I am going to nominate you right now! The TC NEEDS people just like you to institute real change. I was just telling a friend about an hour ago to pray for courageous men and women to step up and challenge the staus quo, i.e., the current council.

  48. 48 Ryan White
    February 14, 2011 at 3:53 am

    I see this: You people are dumb. Children see this smut on tv and want to go because mom and dad tell them it’s bad and yet as they turn 18, one by one they line up waiting to get in. What you need to do if you really want to end TX is stop fighting. IF you look further, you will know all of these answers on what to do. I’m for it staying but have at taking it down. Then please, come up with the money for the land to buy it and put your mega playground so kids can be hit by cars on that terrible area. Use your noggins!! Geeze. TX is in Indiana and just because ROCK decides to move over the river, doesn’t make them the cultural attache’ for Indiana. In fact, they may be in for a surprise once they move to this very liberal and democratic state. Let the balls fly as they will!

  49. 49 Kapp
    February 19, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    I have a wonderful idea, if you don’t like what happens at theatre x, then don’t go to theatre x. Do not tell anyone else not to go or try to use clarksville town council to try to do your work for you. Guess what? I don’t like broccoli, and I don’t eat broccoli. I don’t tell anyone else not to eat it. I don’t like theatre x, so I don’t go to theatre x. nuff said. Oh yeah, I am not trying to force anyone else to accept my view of god or anything in order to validate my own beliefs that I am basically insecure about.

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